Prohibited Items

At, we strive to maintain a safe and trustworthy platform for our users. To ensure the safety of our community, we prohibit the following items from being posted on our website:


1. Illegal items: Items that are illegal to buy or sell, such as drugs, weapons, and stolen goods.

2. Counterfeit items: Items that are fake or imitations of genuine products, such as counterfeit currency, designer handbags, or fake electronics.

3. Prohibited items: Items that are prohibited by law, such as endangered species, ivory, or animal skins.

4. Adult items: Items that are intended for adults only, such as pornography or adult toys.

5. Offensive items: Items that promote hate, violence, or discrimination, or that are offensive in nature, such as hate speech, racist material, or propaganda.

6. Dangerous items: Items that pose a danger to others, such as explosives, fireworks, or hazardous chemicals.

7. Prescription drugs: Prescription drugs or medications that require a doctor's prescription.

8. Alcohol and tobacco: Items that contain alcohol or tobacco, such as beer, wine, cigarettes, or cigars.

9. Gambling items: Items related to gambling, such as lottery tickets or betting services.

10. Services that are illegal or unethical: Services that are illegal or unethical, such as prostitution or money laundering.


We take the safety and security of our users very seriously. Any ads that violate these prohibitions will be removed from our website, and the user's account may be suspended or terminated. If you come across an ad that violates our prohibited items policy, please report it to us immediately.